Burlesque Exposé-show!



Hide all of your valuable belongings because these
stunning gansters will take what they want!


These girls love shopping but it can also be quite
exhausting. After some serious shopping the girls
will reveal what's in their lovely packages... Maybe
something sweet and fluffy?













You all might have heard that it is nice to help people out when they are in trouble? Well think again, since this time there is something fishy about this person in need! But does the fine lady know it? Apparently not. Just remember that it isn't always the best idea to be helpful, 'cause you might end up in a strange situtation!













Luminous Fan Dance

This gorgeus number takes you back to the golden ages of burlesque and is filled with glamour, sparkles and pure beauty. Classic fan dance perormed to a beautiful classical piece will take you to a totally different place.














Inspired by the tecnhicolour films this act brings you the creme de la creme of true burlesque. It's classically beautiful, yet there is a lot of humour in it! Cherrie and Olivia bring their best to the stage and you'll be guaranteed to leave the venue with a smile on your face!
















When two soldiers lose each other in the war, the sadness is endless. But what happens when they re-unite again? Well their true nature of course!

Cleopatra's death 

In this act girls will take you back in time in the middle of Pyramids and mysteries. Cleopatra was known for her opulence and like all good things must come to an end, so did this story too.


Tesoma Rebels

This is a story of a place in the heart of Tampere, where only the tuffest rebels survive, but it is also the uterus for the president, and a seedbed for the prospects. It takes a real badass to make it there and these gals sure know what they are doing!


What would be more Finnish than the sauna!
"Tonight the summer and girls are as beutiful as it's possible.
What would be more fun than to enjoy in summer and have a sauna
with friends? Watch out, hot steam coming!!"

Olivia is also available for performing solo numbers, see more at her website:

Olivia's Repertoire